Slides and Code from My Sessions at Cancel Conference

September 17th 2016 Async C# .NET Speaking

This week the second community organized Cancel conference was taking place in Ljubljana. It spanned over two days. Thursday was the main conference day with 20 sessions grouped in 4 tracks. On Wednesday afternoon preconf was organized at the premises of Microsoft Slovenia. The six sessions on this day were focused on open discussion with the attendees with only a short introduction by the moderators. The new format turned out well.

I had my sessions on both days. On Wednesday I moderated the session titled ASP.NET 5 / .NET Core: Yes or No? together with Rok Berme┼ż. The topic triggered quite an interesting discussion in the audience. The conclusion was that .NET Core looks promising but it is still too soon to use it for new projects, much less to port existing projects to it. The majority is planning to wait for the next version.

On Thursday I started with the first session of the day: Best Practices for Using async and await. It was a shortened repeat of my session at NT conference in May. In spite of that the session room was almost full. Obviously, asynchronous programming still needs more attention, even though it's already 4 years since it was originally introduced in C#. The demo samples and slides from the session are available for download. To learn more about the topic, you can also read my article in the September edition of DotNetCurry Magazine.

Before the lunch break, I had my second session: How Will C# 7 Probably Look Like?. Although the title is similar to my session at NT conference, the content wasn't all that similar. Plans for C# 7 have changed a lot since then, and the session reflects that. Again, the sample project and slides are available for download. I even updated my article in DotNetCurry Magazine to reflect the recent changes.

I had a great time speaking at the conference. The audience being engaged contributed a lot to that. It's always nice being challenged by questions and opinions from the attendees. I'm already looking forward to future events.

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