Resources from Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

It's April again and last Saturday it was time for the annual Global Azure Bootcamp event. The Slovenian one was taking place at the local Microsoft offices.

There were three sessions in total, covering Azure Search, Azure Event Grid and the Visual Studio Code tooling for Azure and .NET Core development in general. The last session was mine. I explained how to configure Visual Studio Code to improve the experience of .NET Core development as much as possible. I based it on the following extensions:

If you download my sample project and have these extensions installed you will have almost everything correctly configured. As I explained, you'll unfortunately need to modify the LogFileName in tasks.json every time you restart Visual Studio Code because it is randomly generated by the .NET Core Test Explorer extension. At least until it adds an option to set a fixed filename in the settings.

The slides are also available for download as always.

A big thank you to everyone who decided to spend the Saturday with us instead of enjoying the warm and sunny spring day outside.

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