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October 25th 2019 C# Speaking

In August, I was invited by the organizers of the .NET DeveloperDays conference to have a session about C# 8 in Warsaw at the end of October. After a few exchanges with them and a short consideration, I decided to take on the challenge of speaking at a conference of such size for the first time. If nothing else, I already got great feedback on my C# 8 session at the largest local conference a few months before and was about to repeat it at a local user group meetup. This should make my preparation easier.

When C# 8 was finally released in September, it was time to update the session with the latest information. I took this opportunity to also improve some of the samples based on the feedback from those who attended my previous two sessions. It took me a bit longer to do so, but I'm certain it made the session better.

Standing in front of the large speaking room and seeing it fill up with the attendees was a bit frightening at first. Fortunately, it got easier once the session started. I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out it the end. As promised, I'm making the slides and sample code available for download. You can also review the slides directly in the browser:

It was a real joy presenting in front of such a large crowd. A big thank you to the organizers for creating this great conference and for inviting me to speak there.

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