Slides and Code from My SLODUG Session

September 13th 2019 C# Speaking

This Tuesday, the Slovenian Developers User Group organized the annual meetup with the highest-voted sessions from the NT conference. Unfortunately, the second speaker couldn't make it back to Slovenia in time due to unforeseen circumstances. Since we couldn't find a different speeker on such a short notice my session about C# 8 was the only one at the event.

In response to additional time available I invited the attendees to engage in conversation for the whole duration of the session. This resulted in a couple of really interesting discussions about the individual language features and their impact on how the code will be written in the future. I was particularly glad when scenarios were brought up which I didn't think about before.

During the session, I also mentioned the issue of base() syntax (in relation to default interface methods) not being supported in C# 8 anymore, although it worked in a previous preview which I used in May at the NT conference. After the session I got a response to the issue I opened about it: the feature was removed from C# 8 and is currently planned for C# 9.

As always, my slides and sample code are available for download.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event, despite the second session being canceled. Your questions and opinions made it more interesting and educational for everyone.

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