My Session on Developing Metro Applications for Windows 8 at NT Conference 2012

May 25th 2012 Windows Store Speaking

My second talk at NT konferenca 2012 was all about helping you get started with developing Metro style application for Windows 8 in C#. I've already put the slides in my OneDrive:

Some additional details I've omitted during the talk:

  • To switch from the default dark theme to the light theme you can use the RequestedTheme property of the Application class accordingly. Just set it at the top of App.xaml file:

  • To deploy and debug the application on another computer open up the project properties and switch to the Debug page. There you can select Remote Machine as Target Device and enter the name of the machine you want to connect to. All consecutive Deploy and Debug actions will from now on target this machine instead of your local one.

Debug page of project properties

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