Windows 8 Sessions at Autumn Part of NT Conference 2014

October 14th 2013 Windows Store Speaking

On Thursday the first day of NT conference 2014 took place in Ljubljana. I had 2 sessions on the client application development track.

I opened up the track talking about what's new for Windows Store application development in Windows 8.1. You can find the slides in my OneDrive and download the sources for samples from Bitbucket.

In my next session I focused on development of occasionally connected applications for Windows Store. I started by introducing the challenges in this scenario to pave the way for a more in-depth look at Microsoft Sync Framework. In the last part of the talk I set up a working Windows Store application using it. Again, I uploaded the slides to my OneDrive and made the code for the samples available on BitBucket.

For the attendee asking about handling schema changes when using Microsoft Sync Framework and anyone else interested, here's the final part of a great series of articles on the subject. Don't forget to check the links to the previous two articles at the beginning of the article.

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