Slides and Demos from a Local Windows 8.1 Development Event

March 3rd 2014 MVVM Windows Store Speaking

Last Tuesday the local Microsoft DPE team organized a free event for developers thinking about taking part in the regional Windows 8.1 Developers Contest. It was planned as an effective course for developers not having previous experience with development of Windows Store apps. I was really glad to see that many people turned up who were very interested in the topics presented, and asking the speakers a lot of questions. I presented two sessions at the event.

My first session was about one of my favorite topics – architectural patterns. I decided to base my session on a similar one I gave almost a year and a half ago at Bleeding Edge 2012. I took this opportunity to update the content and demos to the current state of Windows Store app development ecosystem. As always, I uploaded the slides to my OneDrive and made the demos available on BitBucket.

In the second session I covered all aspects of using live tiles in Windows Store apps. I spent most of the time speaking about push notifications and taking advantage of Windows Azure Mobile Services. Again you can download the slides from my OneDrive and the demos from BitBucket.

I'm looking forward to many new and interesting Windows Store apps created for the contest.

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