Slides from Global Azure Bootcamp

April 28th 2017 Azure Visual Studio Speaking

On Saturday the fifth annual Global Azure Bootcamp event was taking place all around the globe. In Slovenia the event was organized in Ljubljana at the premises of the local Microsoft subsidiary.

It consisted of 3 sessions in total, covering the topics of Azure Functions, Azure App Service and Azure tooling in Visual Studio 2017. My session was the last one and I showcased the Visual Studio integrations for Azure Storage, Application Insights and publishing of ASP.NET Core web applications to App Service on Windows and Linux. Although the session focused on live demo, I'm making my slides available for reference:

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. You all made it a pleasant interactive experience.

As a final bonus, here are the links that were shared at the end of the event, in case you didn't manage to write them down in time:

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