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No Support for Tuples in Expression Trees

December 7th 2018 C# .NET Core .NET Framework EF Core

Tuples, as added to C# 7, can be a nice alternative to anonymous types in LINQ when you only want to return a subset of values from the queried type. Before tuples, this was only possible by creating an anonymous type in the Select method. Now you can create a tuple instead. However, if you try to do that with EF Core, the code won't compile. How come?

Get SQL for EF Core Queries

November 30th 2018 EF Core

There's no built-in solution in EF Core for getting the SQL query that is going to be sent to the database. I could find an implementation by Nick Craver which worked fine with EF Core 2.0.0, but fails with the current version of EF Core (2.1.4). Since I really needed it for the latest version, I decided to put the effort in to make it work.

FormattableString as Method Parameter

September 21st 2018 C# EF Core

Interpolated strings in C# 6 introduced a simplified syntax for most use cases of String.Format. The new syntax has several immediate advantages, but its internal implementation also lends itself to some innovative usage. In EF Core 2.0, interpolated strings can be used to write safe SQL queries with shorter syntax. Let's take a look at how this is implemented.