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Configuring Multiple Maven Repositories

November 9th 2018 Maven

I recently started colaborating on a project which had a couple of private Maven dependencies. The project owner provided a custom Maven configuration file which routed all dependency downloads (even public ones) to their Nexus server acting as a caching proxy. I reconfigured Maven to primarily use the official public repository and only fall back to the private Nexus server for dependencies which couldn't be resolved.

Using JSONLayout for Log4j with Hippo CMS

September 28th 2018 Hippo CMS Log4J Maven

If you want to post-process the application logs, using the JSON format will usually make it easier. In Log4j, there's the JSON Layout available for that purpose. Making it work in Hippo CMS took me longer than expected.

Code Generation with Maven CXF Plugin

August 31st 2018 Apache CXF Maven Java

Apache CXF is a common choice for calling SOAP web services from Java. It's most convenient to use when you generate proxy client classes from the web service WSDL file. There's a command line tool available for that but if you don't want to put the generated sources in source control, you'll probably prefer the Maven plugin.