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February 3rd 2001 Java 3D Java

There probably isn't a computer user out there who hasn't heard of Java before. Well, people are certainly of different opinions about it but nobody can deny its (sort of) cross-platform nature and design for Internet.

The language is already shipped with many ready to use classes and every release has more of them. But still, there are some things which are needed often but programmers have to write them themselves. I have written classes for some of these tasks myself and you can download them from here for free.

CapturingCanvas3D ( (2.88 KB)): CapturingCanvas3D is an extension to the Canvas3D class which offers capabilities of JPEG image capturing in an easy way. The source is heavily based on the work of Peter Z. Kunszt from Dept of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD. I just made the API and class behavior more user friendly. Documentation is included in the source in javadoc format.

CLIArguments ( (1.54 KB)): CLIArguments performs the CLI arguments parsing for you. You just pass it the array of strings with the arguments and use the provided methods to get the values the user entered. It's nothing fancy but it works fine for me. You can generate the documentation by using javadoc.

ImageLoader ( (1.36 KB)): Image loader transparently handles loading of images from the jar archives. You don't need to know about the Netscape incompatibilities and you don't have to take care of the image decoding yourself anymore. The class contains only the constructor and a method for obtaining the image, but that's all you really need. The documentation can be generated by using javadoc.

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