Handling the Paste Event in Angular

February 8th 2019 Angular

After using a framework for a significant amount of time, you gain confidence that you understand it well. But you might still have incorrect assumptions which don't affect your work most of the time. I learned that about Angular recently when I wanted to handle the paste event for an input element.

For some reason I was convinced that the event binding syntax in templates works only for a predefined subset of standard DOM events for a specific HTML element. Since I couldn't find any examples of it being used for the paste event, I was convinced that this wasn't supported.

In the search of an alternative approach, I learned about the listen event on the Renderer2 class. Although a bit complicated to use, it was a working solution for my problem:

inputElement: ElementRef;

constructor(private renderer: Renderer2) { }

ngAfterViewInit(): void {
  if (this.inputElement != null) {
    this.renderer.listen(this.inputElement.nativeElement, 'paste', (event) => {
      // handle the event

For the ViewChild decorator to work, I had to create a variable for the referenced element in the HTML template:

<input #input>

After doing some more research, a finally learned that in the case of DOM elements, the event name in the event binding syntax will simply map to the name of the event for which a listener will be created. Hence, I could replace the above code with standard event binding syntax:

<input (paste)="onPaste($event)">

The event object passed to the function invoked will match the documented DOM event type, i.e. ClipboardEvent in this case. Knowing that, you can make your code strongly typed:

onPaste(event: ClipboardEvent) {
  this.pastedText = event.clipboardData.getData('text');

I still think that the documentation for the event binding syntax could make it more clear that any DOM event is supported. Well, at least I learned about Renderer2.listen in the process. However, I'm still not sure what would be a good use case for it.

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