Using a War Dependency in Maven

June 14th 2019 Maven

To take full advantage of TypeScript in the Vue.js-based Hippo CMS-hosted SPA I'm working on, I configured the typescript-generator-maven-plugin to generate TypeScript interfaces for Java classes used in REST services. It worked great with classes originating from external libraries which I could add as dependencies. However, it failed with classes originating from the Hippo CMS Site module because it was compiled into a .war archive which Maven can't handle as a dependency.

I tried adding the CMS Site module like any other .jar archive:


But the build failed with a rather clear although not very helpful error message:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project maven-war-dependency-vue-app: Could not resolve dependencies for project Could not find artifact in hippo ( -> [Help 1]

I had no idea how to solve the problem until I stumbled upon a StackOverflow answer with a snippet that used maven-war-plugin to generate an additional artifact with classes which can be referenced from other modules.

This feature made it really easy to fix my issue:

  • First, I had to add the maven-war-plugin to the CMS Site module to generate the additional artifact:

  • Then I could modify the dependency in the SPA module to use the new artifact instead of the .war archive (by adding the classes modifier):


I couldn't believe how simple the final solution was. However, I'm not sure I'd ever find it, if it wasn't for that random StackOverflow answer.

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